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The 3 trends in the 2018 fast cancellation


The 3 trends in the 2018 fast cancellation

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  As China's economic slowdown has become normal, China's fast moving consumer goods market is facing great pressure in 2015. Data show that GDP growth for the first time in the three quarter of 2015

  As China's economic slowdown has become normal, China's fast moving consumer goods market is facing great pressure in 2015. Data show that GDP growth for the first time in the three quarter of 2015 is below 7% for the first time. But it is good to be thankful that, according to Nelson's latest "2016 China fast consumer product forecast report", in 2016, China's fast consumer goods market sales growth will be faster than 2015, the consumption structure will continue to upgrade and present three major trends. The specific performance is: consumers prefer to buy high quality, especially healthy products, with the increasing demand for convenience, small retail stores and convenience stores will further promote the sales growth of fast products.

  Trend 1 high-end goods

  No longer only the high demand for cheap goods.

  In recent years, with the acceleration of China's urbanization process, the income level and consumption ability of Chinese consumers have significantly increased, and the demand for high-quality products has been increasing. It is predicted that in 2016, the sales growth rate of these categories will once again exceed the sales growth rate as consumers continue to appeal to high-end and high-quality products.

  Fan Yijin, general manager of Nelson China, said: "the popularity of the mobile Internet enables consumers to instantly contact product reviews and participate in social discussions, and consumers can quickly understand the quality and value of the product. Therefore, the pursuit of high-end, high-quality daily necessities and food has become a new normal, which will promote the growth of FMCG market.

  Products that focus on natural and health are very suitable for current consumer demand. Fan Yijin said, "consumers want to have healthy lifestyles and pay much attention to food safety. Meanwhile, the new middle class is more willing to choose high-end products for health and safety considerations. From the prediction data in 2016, this trend is very obvious.

  Trend 2 healthy drinks

  Innovative enterprises usher in opportunities for development, functional drinks are eye-catching.

  The prediction data emphasize the increasing trend of Chinese consumers' consumption ability and the demand for innovative products. For food products, this means safer, natural and healthy products will further drive sales growth.

  Nelson research pointed out that in 2015, China's beverage market showed a steady growth rate, which increased by nearly 1% compared with 2014. However, consumers' demand for beverages is increasing. This provides development opportunities for innovative manufacturing enterprises to produce functional beverages. Fruit juice has similar attraction as a healthy and natural choice. Nelson's data in 2015 showed that compared to the same period in 2014, functional beverages increased by 7.6% and juice increased by 4.7%.

  The report points out that beverage sales will show 2% sales growth in 2016 compared with the same period in the year , compared with 1 in 2015 and 0.9% in October, a slight increase in sales growth. The driving force for sales growth still comes from functional beverages. It shows that consumers are more concerned about health products and stronger purchasing power.

  In addition, the data forecast that fruit juice will still maintain 3.6% of sales growth in 2016, although the increase in sales is slightly lower than that of 4.4% in 2015 to October 2015, but juice drinks also have some business opportunities. In addition, yogurt products will grow to two digits in 2016 because of their healthy and natural trend.

  Trend 3 convenient purchase

  Hypermarket is time-consuming and effortless, convenient to cater for "lazy economy".

  Convenience is considered another factor that can not be ignored in the market of China's fast moving consumer goods. Small and beautiful chain of convenience stores and small retail stores where consumers become "xiangbobo". Nelson's retail research data shows that consumers are now spending more in small retail stores and chain stores, and also reducing their patronage to big stores and supermarkets. In 2015, the convenience store chain contributed about 9% of the sales growth of FMCG.

  This trend has also spread to all categories of fast moving products. For example, Nielsen data showed that in convenience stores, food and instant noodles grew by more than 6%, but sales in supermarkets dropped by nearly 12%. Nelson predicted that the sales forecast in 2016 is also consistent with this trend. It is expected that the growth of convenience stores will reach 9.8%. Therefore, if manufacturers want to achieve leaping development in 2016, we must have a clear picture of China's retail development so as to respond to consumers' needs more effectively.

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